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Mommy-Wise - Children's Consignment Sale

Seller Information:

Please carefully review all information and ask questions ( if you need additional clarification.  Thank you for being a special part of Mommy-Wise! If you participated in a past sale with barcode tagging, you will use the username and password you established at that time.  (e-mail if you forgot your username and/or password).  For important dates, please see the home page.
You will be taken to our webpage and will be able to process your registration fee through PayPal.  You can also register to volunteer and for the New Arrival Preview Sale through this link.

Sellers will each be given 5 preview passes for our Early Bird Sale that happens on Wednesday, October 4th at 9 AM.  
Shoppers can enter early if you give them a pass!

SUMTER Sellers and ALL CONCIERGE SELLERS will NOT register for a check-in time but do need to register as a seller on the website. Please email to let us know that you are planning to use this service.  
Times, dates and locations are available on the home page. 
Email (for concierge sellers)
Email (for Sumter area regular and concierge sellers)

REGISTRATION TO SELL:  Opens July 10th at 12:00pm.  Registration for sellers closes on Sunday. September 10th at 12:00pm.
SELLER NUMBERS: All sellers who have not used the barcode system yet will receive a new seller number.  If you have used the barcode tagging system before, you will retain the same consignor number throughout all of our sales.
70/30: Sellers (who work 2 TEAM MEMBER shifts or more, 6+ hours) with this commission rate receive 70% of their gross sales and have their $7 seller fee reimbursed at time of commission payment. To receive these benefits, sellers work two 3-hour shifts for Mommy-Wise. They will also receive shopping passes for TICKET ONLY TUESDAY preview sales as well as the half-price preview sale and can attend 50% off preview Friday, October 6th from 7:30 to 8:30.
65/35: Sellers (who work 1 TEAM MEMBER shift, 3 hours) earn 65% of their gross sales and receive a pass for the TICKET ONLY TUESDAY Seller preview sale on Tuesday, October 3rd: 7pm - 9pm.
60/40: Sellers who are unable to work as a TEAM MEMBER
45/55 (or 50/50 and 55/45*): Concierge Sellers have the added benefit of Mommy-Wise tagging your items for consignment.  We use our expertise to prepare and price your items.  Please register as a seller for this sale and email Ashley Smith at to schedule your drop-off (TBA)
*Depending on number of TEAM MEMBER shifts

   FALL 2017 Seller Form    << Click There
   Please fill out and bring it with you to check-in. 
  • Minimum of $100 qualifying items (consignment retail) or 10 items
  • WE NEED YOU!!! You are encouraged to become a Mommy-Wise TEAM MEMBER! Team members work a 3-hour shift in order to help the sale run smoothly and securely.   We have a wide variety of jobs and shift times to work with everyone's needs. Please contact if you are unable to find a shift that works and we will make an effort to provide alternatives as long as those are available.
  • If you have a large number of clothing items (more than 100 hangers), you should register for two drop-off appointments consecutively.  
  • Sellers who have already registered will still be able to enter tagging information until we reach a certain inventory number.  We will warn you when we are close. Tag NOW!!!!
  • Mommy-Wise will carefully examine your items for spots, etc.  We reserve the right to reject ANY items, regardless of condition or brand.  Please respect these decisions.  
  • You will be responsible for picking up your items on SUNDAY, October 8th from 12pm - 3pm.  Items not picked up at this time WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY, DISCARDED, OR BECOME PROPERTY OF MOMMY-WISE, LLC.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  We vacate the property that day.  
  • You will need to register as a seller in our system and email Ashley Smith at   We will enter your items for you in your account and you will be able to check your sales about an hour after we close each night.  Please provide us with your username and password at drop-off. 
  • Limited number of concierge sellers accepted.
  • Minimum of $150 consignment retail or 20 items, ONLY boutique sleepers or pj's are accepted for full-service sellers.
  • Have your items clean, pressed, disinfected, toy items and clothing sets secured together.  Provide hangers, if you have them.
  • Mommy-Wise will hang, tag and price your items for you.  We know how to price to sell your items while still making you money.  We provide tags, safety pins, zip-locks, tape, labor and other materials.  
  • If you are providing storage bins, your name, phone number and seller number must be clearly marked in permanent marker on the outside of the container and on the lid.  Bins must be retrieved prior to the start of the sale.
  • You must fill out a seller form at drop-off.
  • Pick-up your remaining  items on Sunday, October 8th from 12pm - 3pm.  Items not picked up at this time WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY, DISCARDED, OR BECOME PROPERTY OF MOMMY-WISE, LLC.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  We are vacating the property that day. 
Encourage your relatives, friends and neighbors to consign.  We can provide posters and bookmarks and encourage your assistance in increasing attendance at the sale.  Materials will be available by August 1st and can be procured by contacting Ashley New at
List of Locations for Publicity:
  • Preschools
  • Elementary Schools
  • Churches
  • Retail Locations
  • Libraries
  • Salons
  • Family-Friendly Recreation Facilities
  • Kid-Friendly Restaurants
  • Activity/Community Centers
  • Sports Teams
  • Dance and Art Studios
  • Moms Groups
  • Bloggers
  • Facebook Sharing, Twitter, etc.
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