Mommy-Wise - TEAM MEMBERS (Volunteers)
Mommy-Wise - Children's Consignment Sale
Volunteer Opportunities:


You will be redirected to our registration webpage through  Thank you SO MUCH for your help!
Team Members are a very important part of the Mommy-Wise sale.  Plenty of great moms, grandmothers, sisters and friends help our sale run smoothly.  The help you give us is much appreciated and greatly needed.  As a special treat for their hard work, all TEAM MEMBERS will be the first admitted to the TICKET ONLY TUESDAY preview sale on October 3rd:  5pm - 9pm. Ticket ($24 value) is earned by working a 3-hour shift and is transferable.    
Each shift is three hours of work and fun.  You receive an additional 5% commission of you work one shift. 

If you work for two shifts, then you may attend the LOWEST-PRICE PREVIEW SALE on Friday night, October 6th from 7:30 - 8:30 and get first pick of the half-price items and you may bring a friend to the Tuesday night preview sale. You also receive an additional 10% commission rate (70/30)  if you sell, as well.
Sorting shift TEAM MEMBERS who work between 4pm and 7pm on Saturday, October 7th receive an additional 30% off the 50% off price from 3:30 - 4 PM that day. Sorting is a very important shift.
YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY TO BE A TEAM MEMBER.  IF YOU ARE NOT A SELLER, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE APPROPRIATE REGISTRATION. ONCE YOU LOGIN TO REGISTER, SELECT FROM THE SECOND DROP-DOWN MENU. If you decide to become a seller after you have registered as a TEAM MEMBER, please email Ashley at and she will change your registration status.
NEW TEAM MEMBERS who are not selling NEED TO REGISTER AND COMPLETE THEIR SHIFT PRIOR TO THE VOLUNTEER PREVIEW SALE ON 09/12/17.  Returning workers, if possible, please look for shifts after the preview sale to make room for our new folks.    
Please come by our location during the drop-off dates (no appointment needed) and we can give you your pass.  If you are unable to come by, we will hold your pass for you at the door.   Passes are transferable so, if you cannot attend, please pass your pass along!  You may bring the pass of ONE other person to reserve their place in line, in order to be fair to all of our volunteers.
TEAM MEMBER Guidelines: 
1) Children:  Please know that we adore children but are unable to ensure their safety and security during your shift times and during the preview sale due to the hectic nature of our work.  If you have an issue with childcare, call or text Ashley asap (803) 269-2267 to alert us and then visit our website to reschedule your shift.  
2) Emergency Rescheduling:  If you have an emergency while the sale is underway (October 1st-8th) and are unable to make your shift, please text Ashley at 803-269-2267 to let us know you won't be there and then go on-line to schedule a new shift. We count on our team members to be available for the committed shifts, so please do not take a shift you are unsure about.
3) Missed Shift:  If you forgot to work your shift and did not contact us prior to the shift, please make every effort to reschedule.  If you do not contact us within 24 hours of your missed shift and do not schedule a new shift, we will not be able to schedule you as a TEAM MEMBER for future sales. 
4) Arrival:  Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the beginning of your shift, if possible, to receive instructions from the outgoing workers or from our floor managers.
5) Refreshments:  We will provide drinks and snacks during every shift.  They are located in and around the refrigerator in the shoe room.
6) “Holding”:  Please do look at the items as they come in and get ideas about what you’d like to purchase.  In an effort to be fair to all of our TEAM MEMBERS and shoppers, we do not allow people to set aside or group items prior to the sale or prior to the 50% off preview sale. 
7) Denial of Shift:  Mommy-Wise reserves the right to deny TEAM MEMBER opportunities to those who missed a past shift or have had negative incidents while working or shopping the preview sale.  Your fellow TEAM MEMBERS deserve the very best shopping experience possible. 
8) Preview Sale on TICKET ONLY TUESDAY:  Again, we cannot ensure the safety and security of children during the preview sale.  It is crowded and hectic and children who are there for a long time get bored or overwhelmed.  If you need to bring your children, please have activities and snacks for them.  Also, for the benefit of the consignors, please do not allow your children in the toy area unattended.  
9) Mindfulness: We have wonderful and enthusiastic TEAM MEMBERS.   Please be mindful of other shoppers who may be looking in the same sizes, etc.   
Encourage your relatives, friends and neighbors to sell, work and shop the sale.  We will have publicity materials available for distribution on August 1st .

List of Locations for Publicity:
  • Preschools
  • Elementary Schools
  • Churches
  • Retail Locations
  • Libraries
  • Salons
  • Family-Friendly Recreation Facilities
  • Kid-Friendly Restaurants
  • Activity/Community Centers
  • Sports Teams
  • Dance and Art Studios
  • Moms Groups
  • Bloggers
  • Facebook Sharing, Twitter, etc.
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